A selection of my favorite works.

Design Explorations

Showcase of my creative journey and experimentation with various design concepts and ideas.

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Fram City Website on a Macbook Pro

Hendu App

Meet Hendu - The development of a mobile application that helps people with different disabilities to easily access traditional content transmitted in a clear, fast and accessible way.

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Fram City Website on a Macbook Pro

Fram City Branding

I directed the identity design work for the Fram City Brand and the creative direction for product renderings and product design.

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Fram City Website on a Macbook Pro

Other projects

Insieme Branding & Web

Visual identity and website design for Insieme, inspiring project based on the image of the eagle in flight



Brand Revamp made for Nissi Producciones (now NissiPRO), digital marketing agency based in Paraguay.

PhotoshopAfter AffectsIllustrator

Node.JS Mascots Proposal

These mascots will foster a deeper connection with Node.js enthusiasts and promote community engagement.

Adobe SuiteCharacterDesign

Framito, the Mascot for Fram City

Introducing Framito, the lovable mascot crafted to represent the vibrant spirit and unique identity of Fram


Rinck Character Design

Character, logo and brand illustrations for Rinck, the water brand.


Samai Social Media

Creation of captivating and informative graphic assets for social media platforms on behalf of Samai Hospital

Adobe SuiteSocial MediaIdentity

Construfamily Re-Brand

Redesign of Visual Identity, design and development of the website for Construfamily

Adobe SuiteWordpressHTML

ZUN Store

ZUN is a clothing brand that wants to help the youth thrive in the future.


Book "Feelings and something else"

A collaborative book between the creative artist Ulises Vergara and the indigenous poet Brigido Bogado


Personal website 1.0

First version of my personal website. With motion elements.